Consignor agrees to place the item(s) listed below on consignment with THAT GUN GUY to try to sell under the terms of this agreement. THAT GUN GUY agrees to accept the item(s) listed below for consignment sale under the terms of this agreement.

Consignor represents that they are the rightful owner of the item(s) listed, and that the item(s) are free of any encumbrance.

Consignor agrees that, as THAT GUN GUY is required to complete inspections, specifications and preparations of the item(s) for sale, that the items consigned will be left on consignment with THAT GUN GUY for a minimum of 120 days.

THAT GUN GUY will manage and market the item(s) for sale as follows:

1) Visually inspect each item for noticeable external defects. Firearms will be inspected by our experienced, in house armorer.

 2) Item(s) will be surface cleaned and maintained for very best possible retail presentation.

3) Item(s) will be displayed at each of our retail location in FL during the initial 120 day period.

 4) Item(s) will be professionally photographed for display on firearm websites with the ability to ship/transfer firearms to purchasers.

 5) Item(s) will be displayed at suitable exhibitions, trade shows, gun shows, etc.

 At the end of 120 days, the initial sale price will be re-evaluated by THAT GUN GUY and the item(s) will be re-marketed in accordance with steps 3 through 5 of the marketing plan notated above.

At the end of 120 days consignor will be contacted to discuss alternate marketing strategies and further price reduction.

 When the item(s) consigned are sold, the consignor’s net amount will be paid within 15 days from the date that the item(s) have been paid for and delivered. Payment will be mailed to the address stipulated below. The consignor must provide THAT GUN GUY with written notification of any change in address. THAT GUN GUY will yield a maximum standard commission of 25% of the selling price in addition to any credit card fees if applicable.

 If within 10 days of delivery of a firearm the buyer returns the item(s) for any internal mechanical malfunctions we will notify the consignor of the cost of repair. The consignor will then have the option to authorize proceeding with the repair and have the costs deducted from their net amount or terminate the consignment agreement and have the item(s) returned to them.

After the initial 120 day period, either party has the right to terminate this agreement by providing 15 days’ written notice to the other party at the addresses stipulated below.

 If a FL consignor decides to have consigned firearm(s) returned to them, Federal Law REQUIRES that the consignor provide the necessary permits, fill in the appropriate forms, and have a NICS check performed, as if they were purchasing the firearms. A fee for the NICS check will apply.

 If an out of state consignor decides to have consigned firearm(s) returned to them, Federal Law requires that we ship the firearm(s) to an FFL Dealer where a NICS check is required to retake possession of your firearm. Shipping and insurance charges, payable in advance, will apply.